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birds, pigeons, doves.
birds, pigeons, doves.
birds, pigeons, doves.
birds, pigeons, doves.
birds, pigeons, doves.
birds, pigeons, doves.
birds, pigeons, doves.
birds, pigeons, doves.
birds, pigeons, doves.




Adult Pigeons can be a real nuisance, there’s no doubt. And trying to persuade them to move along and bother someone else, or go visit a more 
bird-friendly area, can be stressful for homeowners and apartment dwellers alike. Pigeons are fairly dirty birds. They carry a host of diseases and 
parasites (although they are not, as once thought, carriers of the West Nile Virus), and leave pounds of droppings each year.

Pigeons do carry the threat of disease, and that should be of concern, especially in areas where these birds frequent, and children play. 
However, the main concern of most homeowners, and apartment dwellers, when it comes to these cousins of the mourning dove, is their destructive 
side. Ridding your home or the area around your apartment of these destructive birds is essential for preventing the damage they inflict, but it can be 
frustrating to remove a house ”guest” who is comfortable right where he is.

Pigeons in your homes:

Anyone who’s ever dealt with pigeon “poop” on their car, home, or clothing, can tell you, it’s difficult to remove. Tar-like and heavy, pigeon droppings 
are not like any other bird waste. The purpose for their durable dung is to keep their nests intact for the nesting season. In short, their droppings act 
as a binding agent, much like mortar to bricks.

In addition to the threat to your home and car from droppings, the heavy, end-of-season pigeon nests have been known to clog gutters and eaves 
troughs, causing water build-up and degrading your rood, and eaves. Nesting pigeons in dormers or gabled areas of your home, apartment, or place 
of business, can create unsightly damage through droppings and peck around window sills.

How to prevent Pigeons:

We have several methods for taking care of Pigeons. The best remedy for your situation will require a site survey at a cost starting at 95 euros.

What to do if you have unwanted Pigeons:

Call us immediately, we have remedies that will last. The longer you wait, the more difficult and expensive the solution and clean up will be.
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birds, pigeons, doves
birds, pigeons, doves
birds, pigeons, doves
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